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Tailored Solutions From Conception to Completion

Our studio provides an all-inclusive design experience. We start with detailed architectural blueprints and space planning, moving on to bespoke joinery and tailored furniture designs. We assist our clients in selecting the best finishes, fittings, and equipment, prioritising aesthetics and function. We collaborate with expert contractors for accurate installations, strategise on lighting and electrical layouts, and find distinctive art and antiques to elevate your space. We maintain hands-on project management for timely, high-quality outcomes and prioritise clear communication, ensuring all design decisions fit within the established budget.


Detailed Architectural Design and Spatial Planning:

We combine aesthetic appeal with functional precision to create spaces that are both beautiful and practical.


Proposing and Selecting Finishes, Fittings, and Equipment:

We guide you in suggesting the perfect finishes, meticulously choosing premier fittings, and endorsing equipment that matches both the aesthetic objectives and practical needs.


Lighting and Electrical Planning:

We strategically enhance ambience with our lighting solutions, providing both technical and decorative lighting, as well as offering finishes and equipment.


Sourcing Art and Antiques:

We find unique pieces to add character and history, elevating the individuality of your space.


Bespoke Detailing, Joinery, and Furniture Design:

We specialise in crafting custom details, joinery, and furniture designs that not only complement the overall aesthetic but also cater to our client's individual needs and preferences.


Co-ordinating Contractors and Installations:

We collaborate with trusted professionals, guaranteeing smooth and precise installations.


Project Management:

Overseeing from start to finish, we ensure punctuality, budget adherence, and top-quality results.

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